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TLS 1.1 protocol disabled for BSPlink

Due to PCI security requirements, on Friday December 15th 2017 CET, the TLS 1.1 protocol was disabled for BSPlink. User access is only possible from browsers having the TLS 1.2 protocol enabled.

Important message to all BSPlink users

BSPlink users are reminded not to share their passwords. Sharing account credentials can put organizational security at risk by exposing customer data and financial data to unauthorized users.
Also, use strong passwords and remember they need to be unique in every system and changed on a regular basis.
Lastly, you can use the "Forgotten Password?" link in the BSPlink home page to reset and reinforce your credentials.

All BSPlink users who upload and download files via sFTP

The BSPlink Supplier disabled unsafe communication protocols in their sFTP servers on 28th February 2017. However, the modification has been rolled back temporarily to give sFTP users more time to upgrade their client software.
If you are experiencing issues uploading or downloading files to/from please make sure that your sFTP client is a recent version and/or you have accepted again the fingerprint of the server.
If you have any questions, please contact IATA Customer Service.

Warning - Fraudulent E-mails - All users!

To read the fraudulent e-mails document please click here.

Please note that only correspondence relating to fraudulent e-mails should be sent to the mailbox. Regular business-related messages must be sent to the appropriate Customer Services team.

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