Product Info

BSPlink - A Global Vision

BSPlink is the global interface for travel agents and airlines to access the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

IATA currently provides services for the settlement of financial transactions between travel agents and the airlines. This service consolidates the amounts owed by each agent and the amounts due to each airline and enables the settlement to be made through a single financial transfer for each participant.

BSPlink is an innovative, internet-based system to facilitate interaction and exchange of information between all participants in the BSP.

Equipped with a PC, an internet connection, a Web browser and a user ID and password, authorised users can gain access to key financial and other date relating to their dealings with the BSP. For example:

BSPlink allows agents and airlines the freedom and immediacy to perform transactions on-line.
BSPlink does away with time consuming and costly manual processing.
BSPlink provides on-line reports - available instantly, rather than mailing paper reports.

Some of the highlights of BSPlink are

Intuitive, web based product accessible world-wide
Easy-to-use instant on-line access to all data
View and download reports electronically
Paper free environment
Streamlines existing formats and processes, and minimises the need for training
Interactive with existing back office systems
Flexibility to structure system access according to office responsibilities
On-line viewing of status of disputed documents

The BSPlink product is offered in two versions: Basic and Enhanced. For details of which functionality belongs to which version please refer to the Download Centre Section.